Boulder, Colorado: Best Sunrise Locations.

Outside Imagery Photo ToursBoulder winter sunrise 0620 WP Although Boulder receives 80 inches of snow, its 200 miles of hiking trails remain open year round. Without this fresh snow, the foreground would be quite dark and void of detail. This is near the South Mesa Trail with the Flatirons Rock Formation as a backdrop.

Rainbow Sunrise 2782
A rare full rainbow at sunrise. Knowing exactly where to go is a big help, when conditions are quickly changing.

Boulder, Colorado’s best locations for sunrise.  Regardless of the season, Boulder is ideal for spectacular sunrises. It’s best to choose a location east of Boulder and photograph the Rocky Mountains to the west. The Davidson Mesa Open Space off of McCaslin Boulevard is ideal.

Boulder photo tours 11a Sunrise Pond reflection  1391.jpg

Boulder often has afternoon thunderstorms, which begin to dissipate in evening. By morning, the remaining clouds are usually far to the East and will often glow with spectacular color. Photographing over water, like at Walden Ponds Open Space, adds even more color.

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